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Frequently Bought Together – A useful Function on Shopify

You want to sell more products in this time, you want to increase revenues, decrease inventory, increase sale. It’s not too difficult to do it, if you use Bundle. Supposing, you’re a customer, you want to buy some product, but the value of them is too much. And you see the bundle have all of them and it has lower cost, I’m sure the customer will buy that bundle. Why not?

So what is the “Frequently Bought Together Feature“?

This function will help you to sell more goods, not just one product but many products at the same time. However, if you want customer to buy such a package, you must lower the package price below the total price of the products in the package when you buy products separately.

Frequently Bought Together

How to config Frequently Bought Together feature?

You can go to this document to know configing way: Click Here

All the things you have to do is add Tag and create Menu.

But I have some notes for you before you config:

  1. Frequently bought togerther function will not displayed if the main product not in stock.
  2. Product is bought together in the package: if it out of stock, it will be hidden.

Here are some Theme from The4 have “Frequently Bought Together” feature

frequently bought together
From Kalles Theme
From Gecko5 Theme
From Molla Theme
From Elessi Theme


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