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Finally, after 4 months of hard work and continuous overtime, we have almost finished the Elessi 3.0 version. This release is expected to help us synchronize our products in the process of improvement because Elessi 3 shares the framework of Kalles and Gecko. It is also expected to be faster and more feature-rich than versions 1 and 2.

Can I update from Elessi 2 to Elessi 3?

Unfortunately no, it’s the same as Gecko 4 and Gecko 5. Elessi 2 and Elessi 3 are two completely different versions, Elessi 3 has been redone everything for the better so it’s not related to the old version and you can’t update it either. We are really sorry for the inconvenience, you will have to configure everything from scratch when using Elessi 3 but I believe it is worth it as there are many new features waiting for you ahead. We’ve spent a lot of time optimizing Elessi 3 and we believe it’s worth the update.

So what is the new point of Elessi 3?

The most outstanding feature of Elessi 3 is that it is completely reworked and shares the same Kalles, Gecko 5 framework. That means the general configuration will be relatively similar, which will help us to update and improve progress on all three of these themes at the same time. We also developed, changed a few features of Elessi 3, you can see them below

New compare feature
New quickview layout
Shortcode on blog, page content
Optimized product layout
Frequently bought together
Amazing filter on collection page

And many other cool things are waiting for you to discover.

We really hope you enjoy this new version of Elessi and we plan to roll out the Elessi 3 update towards the end of June.


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