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Dynamic Check-out Button – Amazing feature

Customers can use the dynamic checkout button to quickly purchase the product they are viewing. They skip the cart and complete the payment using the payment method shown on the button. The button changes dynamically to reflect the customer’s preferred express payment method.

This button is displayed next to the Add to Cart button and can only be used to purchase single variations of the product.

Example: A customer wants to buy a pair of high heels, instead of buying a pair of high heels and a pair of pants.

Usually, stores will only show an add to cart button to increase the amount of goods sold at check-out and increase the rate of customers staying on the page. However, increasing the likelihood that customers will buy the product is still a better choice. With Kalles Theme and Gecko Theme we provide you with dynamic check-out button to make the most convenient for customers in the process of purchasing products in your store.

Otherwise, the Checkout Button will appear next to or below the Add to Goods button. This completely depends on where you want to place it on the product page. However, placing it near the add to cart button is intended for convenience for customers and to give customers more options when preparing to pay.

When customers click on the dynamic payment button, the store will automatically redirect them to the page to fill in the relevant information.

To be able to use the dynamic payment button feature, follow the instructions below.


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