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Delivery & Return Policy and Sticky Add to Cart Feature

1 – Delivery and return

Delivery and returns policy is an integral part of the sale and purchase process of a transaction. This policy will specify the responsibilities and obligations of the seller and what the buyer will have to do and benefit from if the seller fails.

Delivery and returns policy

This table will provide most of the information regarding the product’s shipment after purchase or return policy if the customer feels the item is not suitable after use (subject to agreement between seller and customers).

Below is a guide to setting the delivery and returns policy

Delivery & Returns policy page

2 – Sticky Add to Cart

Add to cart it is like a personal shopping cart when you go shopping in the supermarket. However, it is shown and arranged in an intuitive way, much more reasonable than good at traditional goods.

First, it is an online shopping cart that customers can add anything they want to buy into. Since it is online there is no limit to the addition of any item.
Second, when a customer adds items to the inventory, it means they will and intend to buy it. You just need to incorporate some of the right policies to encourage them to buy more.

That said, the add to cart and cart button is extremely important. We have to do everything to make the add to cart button stand out and take the spotlight on the store.

We examined the user’s mouse movement as well as the user’s taste in shopping online to choose the right colors as well as eye-catching motion effects that make the button add to the shopping cart stand out and catch the user’s eye more.

Add to cart

Below is the instructions for configing the add to cart button

Config Add to cart button

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