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Boost the CR of your WordPress business with Kalles WooCommerce theme

Boost the CR of your WordPress business with Kalles WooCommerce theme - The4™ Free & Premium Shopify Theme

For over 5 years, we’ve been constantly looking for better solutions for our customers to have the optimal online store, especially for the success of their businesses. We have recently served over 23,000 customers using the Shopify platform, and it is fascinating to us to realize that the themes are so focused on technology, they try to show off the advanced features so much. However, they are forgot that the core value is the practicality of the theme.

We attempt to make things simple, clear, and easy to use with Shopify themes, and we optimize every tiny detail. We recognize that customers are always pressed for time. They can’t get lost in the maze of online store configuration, which isn’t their area of expertise. With these goals in mind, we’ve created solutions that can assist consumers in having the fastest and most efficient online business possible. I’m Henry, CEO of The4, a brand that constantly ranks among the top selling Shopify themes on ThemeForest, and here is the Kalles WooCommerce version.

Spend your time doing important things instead of wasting it configuring your theme!

So what is the Kalles WooCommerce?

Kalles WooCommerce (WordPress) version is built for use with the WordPress platform and the WooCommerce plugin. Please note that Kalles currently has 2 versions, Shopify version and a WordPress version. If you are still confused about the difference between these two platforms, don’t hesitate to check out my analysis blog post about the characteristics of Shopify and WordPress here.

The target audience is different between platforms, but we have the same goal of creating products that bring more value to our customers and help them succeed faster in the process of growing their businesses.

We realize that today’s WooCommerce themes are too complicated and focused on redundant features, which is a waste of business owners’ time. So Kalles for WooCommerce was born with the mission to help you focus on the core values of building your business by minimizing time spent on non-specialist things. With Kalles, we made everything optimal, smooth, and seamless. You can totally save your time with Kalles.


What features does Kalles WordPress have?

Kalles Shopify version has proven in practice with a fairly large number of customers. We also, based on our experience, developed a Kalles WordPress version similar to the Shopify version and added some improvements more advanced in features and UI/UX. Let’s preview 10 outstanding features of the Kalles WordPress version.

1. Multi-purpose demos

We have dedicated our minds for over a year to researching and improving better WordPress themes that increase conversion rates for store owners. Kalles WordPress is packed with features that make your store look like a million dollar business with a clean, user-friendly, and mobile-first design. We believe that, with the experience of helping 70.000 Shopify store owners succeed, you will be the next if you use the Kalles WordPress version theme. We are pleased to present you with the best WordPress theme ever – Kalles.

2. More Upsell Features

With our experience in eCommerce, we spend a lot of time optimizing and researching features to help you increase sales the fastest. The product page is where we spend up to 40% of our development time optimizing every detail from the smallest to the largest.

3. Free shipping upsell feature

Instead of product discounts and shipping costs, everyone wants free shipping. Thus, we created a feature to assist in driving sales via free shipping and fireworks effects. We make it more than just a feature by making it interact with every small action for the ultimate experience.

4. Optimized Product Page

Everything on the product page is optimized and streamlined to bring the best experience to your customers. It also has numerous components that help increase conversion rates. Everything looks clean, tidy and professional.

5. Multiple Color / Image Swatches

Kalles also supports a variety of product variant interfaces, allowing you to easily customize how they are displayed on product pages, collection pages, home pages, etc.

6. Advance Ajax Search

The search function has been improved and is more convenient for users. We spent a lot of time researching customer behavior and optimizing the UI/UX for search functionality on Kalles. It doesn’t only simply show results via ajax, it is also optimized for ease of use with a clean UI. Moreover, it also allows you to suggest some keywords that you want to focus on.

7. 10+ Versatile Product Layouts

Don’t limit yourself to traditional product detail layouts. Kalles features a variety of configurable choices that allow you to promote your items in the manner that works best for you. Choose whether your thumbnails appear on the left, right, or bottom of a listing, or use the Sticky function to keep your product description in place while scrolling.

8. Mobile optimization

This feature helps optimize the UI/UX on mobile devices. Your store looks like a mobile application, and it is also very smooth. With Kalles, everything is taken care of pixel by pixel.

9. Frequently Bought Together Built-in

The built-in feature Frequently Bought Together integrates this clever upsell functionality into WordPress in the most convenient way: you can have it ready in your shop in 5 minutes with a simple and straightforward setup.

10. Amazing Lookbook

Showcase your fashion or announce new lines and collections in the most eye-catching way with Kalles’s lookbook. The stunning lookbook allows you to include information on items as well as spotlight sales points for your brand’s best outfits.

That’s not all. There are plenty of other features to help you have an online store the fastest and look the most professional. You can visit Kalles’ demo to see more features by hovering over the menu.

How to start with Kalles?

Kalles is now available on ThemeForest. In just 3 weeks of release, Kalles has had nearly 150 purchases and is one of the best-selling WordPress themes of the month with 10 5-star reviews. It can be seen by what Kalles brings and how many people are interested.

Currently, Kalles is only priced at $19, and for those who come early, we will increase the price very soon to the milestones of $29, $39, $59, and $69. To us, a good product should get its value, and in the future, we will keep Kalles at a higher price in the market. It also shows our seriousness and commitment to the product development process.

With The4, we have a clear direction on the product development roadmap and a unified view of the value of the product. That’s why our Shopify themes have the highest prices in the market but still have a large number of customers buying and using them. We focus not only on product quality but also on after-sales service.

Right now, you can buy Kalles WordPress version by clicking the button below. Hurry, because we will soon increase the price according to the schedule. In addition, if you are interested in the Kalles Shopify version, we have also included the link below so you can learn more about them.


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