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[Special Event 2022]: Ecommerce Platform Profitting and All things you need to know

[Special Event 2022]: Ecommerce Platform Profitting and All things you need to know

You have an idea. You want to run your own online business. You seek on the Internet, see and submerge into many ways and tons of eCommerce platform that are shown as the best choices for your online store.

Have you ever been in that situation, and even still stucked in it?

With nearly 10 years working as an eCommerce developer, we, The4 team, have been seeing so many people struggling with building their stores. We know building an eCommerce store is not that simple. As exciting as it is, it can also be quite overwhelming.

That’s why we, The4 team, are here to invite you joining in one of the Most Special events of eCommerce market in 2022 named Ecommerce Platform Profitting.


Let’s get right into it!

What is Ecommerce Platform Profitting?

Ecommerce Platform Profitting (EPP) is a Virtual webinar series hosted by LitExtension- The World #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert which is organized from July 12th to 23rd, 2022. It is intended for anyone interested in learning more about Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento in order to choose the ideal platform for their eCommerce shop. We guarantee that you will locate your best platform and understand how to make the most of it with insightful coaching from top-tier eCommerce experts. Please review EPP terms and conditions to ensure that you are eligible to participate in this event.

In EPP, you will have chances to participate in interesting activities:

During the consultation session, EPP experts will go through all the essential aspects of an online business. We believe that this opportunity can help you construct your Ecommerce road successfully.

Why You Should Join Ecommerce Platform ProFitting?

You shouldn’t neglect this Event, because:


In order to provide the maximum value, LitExtension will pay all service expenses, allowing everyone to reap the advantages of the event for free. And that’s not all, you will also get the special and prioritized supporting service from The4

Furthermore, if you opt to stick with the platform you tested out at this event, Host of Ecommerce Platform ProFitting- LitExtension will also provide you:

  • For Shopify: 2 months Shopify free trial.
  • For WooCommerce and Magento: 60 days free WooCommerce hosting & Magento hosting


It is always preferable to get expert assistance, not just to save money but also to optimize your chances of future company success. At our eCommerce Platform ProFitting event, you will have top-tier professionals audit your business and advice on long-term growth ideas.

They have extensive knowledge and can ensure that you make the most of your efforts in expanding your new business and swiftly increase sales.

Also, The4 team participate in EPP with the hope that support more and more merchant crave their Ecommerce business development routes.


After 9-year experience in store development, we know all the risks you could be facing and the consequences of choosing the wrong platform for your business, and how they struggle in creating their own eCommerce store. Therefore, we urge you to take part in this event for a worthwhile trial.

We hope that this event will lead you to the right destination as you are in good hands with industry-leading experts.

Final words

eCommerce Platform ProFitting is expected as a worthy chance for all merchants to understand which eCommerce Platform is ideal for your business. Also, via this event, we all hope to give you advice to build a strong foundation for conducting and skyrocketing your eCommerce business performance.

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