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How to get The4 Special Offers for Shopify Users

How to get The4 Special Offers for Shopify Users

Throughout 7 years of accompanying thousands of merchants around the globe, we, The4 team confide in Shopify as the Best All-in-one eCommerce platform, especially for minor in-house technical users.

To welcome Autumn, The4 would love to give you Special Offers that have you create high converting stores with cost and technic savings.

Let’s dive in!

What The4 offers you?

100 Slots for 45 Shopify FREE trials!

Usually, the new users only have 14 days to try Shopify for free. Although Shopify offered free trial offers for 30, 45, 60, 90 days in the past, they ended very soon.

GOOD news is that The4 has become one of Shopify’s few Commerce Coaches. It means we’re qualified to help you succeed with Shopify. And this SPECIAL occasion, our team would love to give 100 Slots to receive EXCLUSIVE OFFER which is up to 45 days using Shopify FREE to intensively support you in building high-converting stores.

How to redeem?

Just follow a few steps below:

Step 1: Open an account via our Commerce Coach link. You will have 14 days Shopify trial

The4 invites you open Shopify accounts

Step 2: After 14 free days,

We will sponsor your FIRST month of using Shopify after verifying the correct information.

Notice: This promotion’s only used for new users who don’t have a Shopify account yet (note that you must have never had a Shopify account)

20% OFF for purchasing the Unsen Shopify Theme

After opening a new Shopify store, if you continue purchasing Unsen, you will receive a 20% discount directly to your PayPal account.

How to redeem?

Step 1: Open an account via our Commerce Coach link The4’s Shopify link.

Step 2: Get Unsen Shopify theme here

Step 3: Place send us the invoice you purchased to open your Shopify account, as well as the Unsen’s purchase receipt.

Then, you will receive a 20%OFF for purchasing Unsen cashback directly to your PayPal account.


Get EComposer with Free Basic Plan

You can surely get a Limited Special Offer from EComposer Landing Page Builder.

In particular, when opening a new Shopify account via The4’s referral link, then installing EComposer, you will get a Basic Plan for EComposer Page Builder app for FREE.

EComposer allows you to create high-quality landing pages for free, and the editor system will help you build any layout you want.

To sum up

We, The4 team, want to give big thanks to you- our beloved merchants who have been accompanying with us for 7 years.

We hope that when getting this SPECIAL PROMOTION PROGRAM, you can create your own powerful eCommerce stores which level up your conversion rate, drive more sales and raise buyer engagement.

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