Surely if you are a website builder, you must know the famous theme providers like ThemeForestmythemeshop,  themejunkies …. however, if you choose ThemeForest, you need to have a good understanding of it because ThemeForest is basically unlike any other theme provider in the market.

That being said, what makes ThemeForest so different from the other vendors? What is ThemeForest? How does ThemeForest work? and How can you get a free theme on ThemeForest?

1- What is ThemeForest?

Themeforest is a system that provides the largest selection of website templates available in the world and is also a place for developers to sell their products like Shopify themesWordPress themesMagento themesJoomla templates, HTML templates, blogger templates … It is like a classifieds market for the webmaster community to buy and sell their products. All products listed above are quality tested and must meet specific standards to be available on ThemeForest’s booth.

2- Should I buy a theme from ThemeForest?

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer when you go to buy a premium Shopify theme, but you can refer to the following to help you decide whether or not to buy from ThemeForest.

1- A lot of choices. This is obvious because there are hundreds of thousands of items to choose from. (If you select a theme from The4 team. I can assure that it will never disappoint you!)

2- Reasonable cost: The average cost for a WordPress theme sold on ThemeForest goes for $49 to $69. A reasonable fee.
(The4’s themes are 69$ as well but with full functionality and support!)

3- Large support community: With popular items that are top sellers, the support community is also very large. You can go to the Envato forum and ask your questions. Abundant sources of information make it easier to use the themes.

4- Support from seller: When you buy an item here, you will get support service for free for the first 6 months. In addition to the theme price package, you can purchase an additional demo installation package and an extended support package later if you wish.

The link below is just one of our satisfied customer “feedbacks” for The4 theme

5- The themes are always updated: The products are continually updated regularly by the authors, completely free.

6- Buy 1 time for life. You only need to buy one time to use the product for a lifetime without spending another cent.

7- Know any quality of themes: In ThemeForest, you will quickly know which themes have the highest quality, how many people buy and use them, and if the theme is easy to install or not by checking out the Review section.

8- View demo: You can view the actual demo on the supplier’s website or right on ThemeForest.

Okay! With such advantages, I think you can easily decide whether you should buy from ThemeForest or not.

3- Get a Premium Theme on ThemeForest for Free

It’s okay if you have a tight budget, or you want to use a high-quality free copyright theme on ThemeForest. (You can use it properly, legally and fully copyrighted).
To use a Premium Theme on ThemeForest for free, follow these steps.

First, go to this link to go to the free theme page from ThemeForest (note every month there will be free rotating themes). When you come to the Download free theme page, you will see a free theme list appear (usually there will be three free themes listed per month)> click Download for free.

Get a Premium Theme on ThemeForest 
Now you will see details about the Theme as well as you can see the Demo. Click Sign in to download it for free! To log in to your account and download the theme to your device.

If you do not have an account, you can register a new account via this link. It is so simple that you can own a Premium Theme on ThemeForest for free, right? You can refer to the article of downloading hundreds of Premium themes.

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