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1/ Are all features of different demos switcheable ? Could I chose the demo Organic homepage and insert the footer of demo homepage fashion #2 with the menu layout #3, for instance ?
=> All demos layout just different from order section, header, footer config so you can create demo by yourself by change the setting. That mean you can choose Organic with Footer from fashion 2 and menu from layout #3.

2/ Where can I see the fonts available for this theme ? (particularly for the menu and sub-menus).
=> You can change font for body and heading from Theme Setting > Typography
If you want to change font for menu, you can add your custom CSS or use this free app:

HOMEPAGE / Gecko Organic layout
1/ Can I easily (drag & drop) switch one part with another ? In the Organic Gecko demo, you have the “latest products” bloc below the visual banner “best for your health” : can I invert them both ?
=> yes, Gecko use drag & drop section so you can easy to order it again or config for this section

2/ In the header dropdown menu, can I add pictures ? I would like to have 3 dropdown categories product / collection / material and for each “collection” submenu, add a little design illustration. Can I do that ?
=> yes, i think you can use these menu type to do it:

3/ Can I have a newsletter bloc centered in my footer (and not only to the right) as below ?
=> I am not sure, may be you need customize a bit

SHOP / left sidebar layout
1/ Can I add any filter such as “fabric/material” e.g ?
=> We are using filter by tag so you just need enter tags to products and call it to sidebar filter

2/ Can I switch the submenu below the visual banner ?
=> You need customize to have it 🙂

PRODUT / Product layout with Instagram + Product with swatch circle
1/ Can I have the images of the gallery showing in small circles on the left of the main pic instead of square thumbnail images ?
=> You need customize to have it

2/ Below the “pdct description” bloc, can I add content ? For instance 3 blocs side by side with : 1 bloc “blog article” / 1 bloc “text” / 1 bloc “image”?
=> Unfortunately Shopify doesn’t flexible like WordPress so you need add your custom HTML code for block text and image, for blog article you need customize by code to show it

3/ Can I show my customers reviews in an independant bloc just before the “related product” bloc ?
=> Yes, I think so but need customize by move code (we can help)

1/ Can I get rid of the “free shipping” progression bar ?
=> Yes, you can disable it