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Back in-stock notification feature – Useful upsell feature.

What is back in-stock notification feature?

First of all, we need to find out what in-stock notification is? In-stock notification is a notice of stock availability. Back in-stock notification is a notification that the goods have been resold, the goods have arrived in stock and are ready for sale to the customer. This feature will send a notification to customers via Email about the product returned to the warehouse.

Where is back in-stock notification feature used?

The back in-stock notification function is used on the product page. Instead of normal, if the stock is out of stock, there is no product for sale, the product page will show that the product is out of stock. Or in some themes, the announcement of the end of the product will be displayed like this.

Or like this

For products that are out of stock this feature will take the place of selecting variants before selecting and buying the product or it will be replaced for adding product to cart.

When does back in-stock notification feature display?

This function is only shown when the product is out of stock. And of course you will continue to sell this product in the future when it arrives in stock. When customers go to buy their products but accidentally your store is out of stock at that time and they will sign up for Email at the information form provided by this feature. When the product is ready again, this feature will be activated and will automatically send customer notifications via email that customers have registered at the information sheet.

We undertake that we do not collect and do not related to email user data. All information is in the confidentiality zone between the store owner and the customer.

Why you should use this amazing feature?

We will give you 4 reasons that you should use the notification feature when the product arrives.

The first is a completely free and fully automated feature. It will help you to inform customers quickly and save time for individual shop owners. Instead of having to send text messages and reply to each customer about the product’s features, this great feature will do all of that for you. When the product is ready, there will be an immediate notification to the customer.

Second, when you leave such a form, it means you have told the client that I will sell this product in the future. When customers fill out their information on their information, it means that they have given you consent to send them a notice and that they are willing to purchase this item in the future when its condition improves. As such, this feature has helped you retain customer retention.

Third, the back in-stock notification feature also shows that you are always interested in customer experience when buying in your store. They will feel respected when they shop at this store. Because some stores will run the message “This product is out of stock. Please see other products at …”. Thus, the customer may move to another store immediately because this store may not sell this product anymore. And you make lost your customers.

Fourth, and the most important reason, is that you will be able to sell the product as soon as the product arrives in the warehouse. The customer will even offer to pay in advance to get the item. That way, back in-stock notification has helped you upsell the product when you don’t have any products.

How do I config this feature in my theme?

This feature has been updated by us on Kalles Theme and Gecko Theme. If you are using 2 of our products above then do not hesitate any longer without following the steps in this detailed tutorial.


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