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Avada SEO An Excellent SEO Optimization App – Our New Integration

In the previous post, we gave you tips to help you increase traffic and conversion on Shopify. In this article, I will introduce to you an SEO App. This App will help you to optimize the SEO for your image content to bring your website closer to the user in simple, user-friendly steps.

Also this is a free integrated app. We want to integrate this application into our themes in order to give our customers the best user experience. In the world of eCommerce, your store’s look is that very experience.


First of all, we need to know what SEO is?

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization.

  1. There are many search engines in use today such as Bing, Google, Baidu, etc. However, the most mentioned and most used tool is still Google. So in this article we mainly mention Google SEO.
  2. What is in the top? Being in the top of the search results page means that you are in the top 10 of the top 20 results of that search page. Note that you need to omit the ad position like attached below. Because it is the advertising part of the search engine paid by the publisher of the product to run the ad.


So what is the purpose of SEO?

The SEO goal of product sellers is to target customers who are searching for their products or, in other words, potential customers.

Google Search engines want to provide users with the most exact things that customers want to find. It is like we want to sell products, we have to bring out the right products that customers need. So optimizing keywords in your products will contribute to your products found faster for search engines or shoppers.

Example of SEO in Shopify theme purchase:

Where When buying a product, where do you usually get theme information?
Firstly, you will get them from Blog posts, theme reviews.
Second, you will get information from your friends or colleagues, business associates, or from someone else.
Third, the most commonly used way is to use search engines. You just need to type a post keyword “Shopify theme”, “The best shopify theme”, “Kalles theme” …


That is the job of a client. Your job is how to get your product right on the first page. It appears right in front of the customer’s eyes as soon as they complete a search.

So where is the keyword when I only have the main keyword “Shopify theme”? You need to expand the relevant keywords “The best Shopify theme 2020”, “Top rated Shopify theme”, “Organic Shopify theme”, “Jewelry Shopify theme” …


What are the benefits of SEO?
Website is better optimized.

The website elements are all optimized from the image, title, subtitle, description, video or other content. In addition, the optimization of the page speed is also extremely important. According to a scientific study, up to 60% of customers answered that they would close the page if the load time was more than 2 seconds. and 40% of customers answer that they do not appreciate a website if the full page load time is more than 4s.

Increase sales opportunities.

By using keywords, the search engine will bring your products to the top and the page traffic, the product will increase the conversion. So the more keywords you have, the more products will be sold.

Developing brands on the Internet 24/7.

It’s true that SEO gets 90% more clicks than running ads. Running ads won’t work if your customers have ad-blocking software installed or those customers who hate ads. Even though they liked it, they didn’t click on it just because it was an advertisement.

You can learn more about SEO:

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Coming back to the Avada SEO app, why did I choose this App to integrate into our theme?


What does Avada SEO App have?

Google Search friendly: Optimize image ALT, JSON-LD, Meta tags automatically for almost pages. Make sure your website meets Google Search best practices.

Faster page loading: Pre-load your pages and optimize image sizes to bring more wow customer experiences

One-click & Auto-run: Non-tech users can definitely run the app without difficulty. All settings are pre-done and you just need to enable the app functions.

Key benefits using the app

  • Improve website loading speed (site speed, page speed optimizer)
  • Improve store rankings and boost conversions
  • Faster Google index of websites images, content
  • Auto-complete Google structured data
  • Increase click rate with standardized meta tags

We are delighted to inform you that we have optimized Avada SEO App with our themes. This optimization is part of our theme’s user experience optimization plans. Errors will appear less and conflicts between App and theme will be significantly reduced.

Why did we choose the Avada SEO App?

First of all in terms of features, the Avada SEO App has a ton of useful SEO related features that we mentioned above, such as content SEO, images, titles, and keywords management. , etc.

Second, it is very easy to use because most of the work you need to do is just download the App and enable the necessary features that you want to optimize SEO for your website content.

Third, with all the features that this App gives you, it is completely free. I would like to claim and emphasize that it is completely free.

Also we suggest you to install this app because We found that the customer feedback on this app is also extremely good, almost maxed out for all reviews.

Lets use the SEO App, I bet it will help you a lot CLICK HERE FOR INSTALL

Once again, the App is completely free and we’ve partnered with Avada SEO App to create a perfect experience across all of our themes.

–We wish you success and luck. Best regards.–


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