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A Useful Product Design Tool on Shopify

Retail trends for 2019 predict that the personalized products trend will continuously grow up in the eCommerce industry. Take a little time to get understanding about the reason behind this trend

People like the difference with the others and their stuff are not an exception. Relating to customer’s psychology, they are willing to pay more for the same product just because it’s customized with a different design. A recent study by Deloitte reveals that more than 50 percent of consumers expressed interest in purchasing personalized products or services

Customers also would like to create their designs and prefer their choice of graphics on the products, not to be depended on the manufacturer’s models. Consumers obviously expect a higher degree of your product and come in seeking a different kind of experience than what can be found in chain stores and outlets

Lumise product designer online tool

To the surprise of many such your customers, why don’t you integrate technology to your Shopify store to meet their expectation – Lumise Product Designer Tool. We want to tell you that with this app you can do better than their expectation.

It indeed doesn’t take up many resources and efforts to up to date with the latest technology is a must for all online businesses. Just by equipping to your store Lumise Product Designer ToolApp

What makes this app incredible?

  • Professional interface and amazing fast loading

We made a user-friendly and beautiful interface for you. We care about your feeling and your customer feeling. Don’t miss our heart.

Lumise App
  • So many options for design

The design needs creativity. How can you lack color, clipart, vendor, drawing, text, shape, image and filter effects?

Lumise App
  • Manage everything just in-app

You can manage Shopify products, price, objects for design, orders just in one place.

How does Lumise work?

Step 1: Some steps for installing

Step 2: Upload your products.

Step 3: Set up the price for design objects

Step 4: Customer makes designs by clicking – drag-drop and satisfied

Finally,  you get many more orders!!!

What are different points which other Product Designer Tool App doesn’t have but our Lumise have?

What you – store owner can do:

  • Managing the product designer tool, product, the order is effortless with the help of the admin control panel
  • Every element in the Customer end such as color, clipart, vendor, text, design area…. can be easily operated from the back end without the need of any external help
  • Set pre-template for the product: For selling quickly, you can create a template and assign it to a product. Your users need to select other values for attributes then purchase the product.
  • Not only an available mockup, but the store you can also upload your product image
  • You can limit customer’s options and set up different prices for objects.
  • Upload your products in Lumise app; they’re uploaded on Shopify store as well.
  • You can set up various printing methods.
  • Create multiple stages such as backstage, frontstage for your products
  • Download customer designs in multiple image formats for printing
  • 95+ languages translation: Easily switch to any languages with powerful API.
  • Support RTL languages with one click to turn it on

What your customer can do:

  • Mobile friendly: customers can design products even on their mobile devices
  • Customers visualize what they are getting on. The real-time product visualization technology shows product configurations as they are designing
  • Customer also can upload their images to their design.
  • Social media & Clip arts online stocks: Customer can pick up hundreds of images on PixabayOpen clipart even on Facebook accountInstagram account
  • Pick up hundreds of vendors, clipart
  • Pick up hundreds of fonts via Google Font.
  • Add QR code if the customer would like
  • Create mask layers to make unique objects
  • Use an auto ruler for object alignment
  • Save designs in the case they accidentally close the current tab

Getting ahead with this Shopify Product Design App now. We’re have made well-documentary and enthusiastic support to welcome you!

Visit this link to install Lumise.

Our official website:

Try demo: here

Buy WordPress version: CLICK HERE

Thank for reading!


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