About The4

Know about us & love us even more!

The4 is one of the brand of the EcomElite. The4 is currently managed by Mr. Khang Pham (CEO) and Mr. Thu (CTO) and The4 products are sold exclusively on ThemeForest. Established in 2017, The4 has so far had nearly 20,000 customers using the product and satisfied with the customer support service.   

Besides, EcomElite has other brands run by Mr. Khang Pham (CEO) and Mr. Thang Truong (CTO) and colleagues under the name LayoutHub, EComposer and Nitro Apps. These are three separate brands and also bring success to EcomElite. With Shopify app brands, we have approximately 80,000 users and 40,000 paying customers worldwide. 

So far, we have more than 20 full-time employees working in many places with the mission of bringing the best solutions to customers in the field of e-commerce. It was a happy journey when we met and developed EcomElite company together.

Who We Are

We believe good products are worth it. You will be amazed that our products have a higher selling price than the market price. Do you know? We spent 7 months to 1 year rolling out the first version for each Shopify theme and constantly improving, making them better every day. We also focus on improving the quality of customer support for the fastest response time possible. We are confident that the price is fully worth the effort, love, and time we spend on the products. I believe that when you watch the demo of each product, you will see how good these Shopify themes are. So if you are a really serious customer looking for good products then this is your chance, we hope to meet you on our customer support system.

We are an Power Elite Author

We are one of the elite writers at Envato with over $1 million in sales over 3 years of operation. Wall honoring outstanding authors at https://elite.envato.com/wall-of-fame/

We are Shopify Expert

We have been an official Shopify partner since 2016 and so far, we have nearly 80,000 customers using Shopify app products.


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Meet The Team

We have a talented & passionate team comprising creative
designers, efficient programmers and full stack marketers.

Khang Pham

Co-Founder, General Manager


Thang Truong

Co-Founder, Shopify Expert


Thu Nguyen

Co-Founder, Shopify Expert

Trinh Vu

WordPress Developer


Anh Dang


Hung Vu


Huyen Kieu

Human Resource


Sen Do



Co Nguyen


Mian Arslan


Jalal Azhar





Thao Nong

Digital Marketer 


Ngan Pham


Khanh Hoang


Our Achievements

It’s a long and interesting story and we want to tell you about it.
That way you can see how serious we are with this work.

01 Aug 2017

Date was founded

The4 was founded with four members, we had a lot of difficulties and thought we had to give up.

14 Mar 2018

Gecko was born

Gecko released the first version and to date, Gecko has sold over 6000 copies with an average rating of 4.98/5.00.

22 Sep 2018

Join Elite Club

Reached Envato level 7, join Elite club. By the way, it’s also the wedding day of The4 CEO, interesting…

1 Jan 2019

The idea of LayoutHub was born

The idea of LayoutHub was suggested by our partner - KingTheme and we started this project during a difficult time for the company.

21 Oct 2019

Next level of Elite Club

Reached Envato author level 9

09 Apr 2020

Kalles was born

Kalles Shopify theme officially launched version 1.0. It’s the result of 7 months of hard work.

01 Aug 2020

3 years working together

Celebrate 3 years on Envato…it’s been an amazing jouner. At this time, we have about 15 members.

25 Sep 2020

Got Envato Level 10 Badge

Reached Envato author level 10. A new badge has opened, we’re getting closer to the Power Elite badge.

23 Dec 2020

1000 fist reviews.

Reach 1000 reviews from customers with avg 4.98/5.00. We do our best to bring satisfaction to our customers, that is the principle at The4.

5 Fed 2021

The last level of Elite Club

Next level, we will be a Power Elite author. This is the last level of Elite author. So exciting for the next jouner.

13 Apr 2021

Kalles got 4000 sales

Kalles sold 4,000 copies after only 1 year of release, which shows how satisfied customers are with The4’s products!

20 May 2021

1300 reviews

We reached 1300 review with avg rate 4.98/5.00 and currently we have Kalles, Gecko, Elessi, Molla are top rate items on ThemeForest.

24 Jun 2021

We hit the $1 million mark in sales and are among the top authors at Envato.

16 Dec 2021

Version 1.0 of Kalles WooCommerce theme, Kalles hit first 50 sale in 4 days and is one of the best seller of new products on ThemeForest.