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Reaching and attracting the attention of your visitors is the first condition to get them to stay and explore your website – in other words, to discover the products and services you offer and the Call to action you want to transmit. These factors below will determine the customer conversion rate and return rate. In this article, we will share with you the incredible factors that should be in an attractive website. If you still can’t find the answer to the question: What are the factors to attract customers to a website? “, Let’s get started.

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1 – Design

If SEO is for customer marketing, design is what attracts and retains customers to stay with the website. Then “What is a beautiful website?”. To answer this question is really difficult because beauty standards will completely depend on your personal opinion, depending on the culture, depending on the target customers that you want to direct. In order to be designed a beautiful store, first, you will have to accept that it is impossible to satisfy all customers from many parts of the world, so from different regions.

Design factors that appeal to the user are:

  • Color: To have a beautiful website, you must first pay attention to the color of the website. The first is the main color (Color of Logo) This color will be the most important color for a website to affirm the brand and create the element of user marketing. Customers only need to see it to know that it is your Site, your Brand. In addition, the background color of the web page will normally be white or cool color to increase the contrast to highlight the page’s content.
  • Clear, minimal design: Every customer wants when viewing the product, they can see most of the necessary information but still ensure that the elements are not too much, not redundant in terms of design.
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  • Button: You will have to pay attention to the design of the buttons to match the design of the whole page. There are many websites offering customers unnecessary buttons that cause redundancy. This makes it impossible for the client to focus on the main content of the website. For example, in some websites there are 2 contact buttons whose content is almost the same, making customers wonder which button to press.

2 – Page Loading

In fact, a website with a load speed of more than 3 seconds will have a fairly high bounce rate of about 36.84%. To ensure satisfactory page load speed you need to pay attention to the content, images, videos and display functions, animation. Make sure they match the network speed and match with the optimization of the customer’s devices.
To increase page speed you have to reduce the size of the photos and videos to upload the lightest file. This will help with faster page loading and minimize bounce rate.

In addition, you can deceive the customer vision by using the loading effect. When you create this effect the client will notice the loading effect and they will forget about loading time. However, you should not overdo them because if the loading time is too long, the bounce rate is also very high.

In addition, the website is too old, the old code system (or the source code) is outdated when the technology industry changes rapidly, which makes it difficult to operate and access the website. Therefore, from time to time you need to upgrade your website to suit the new technology and the actual needs of users.

Update technology

3 – Content

Content remains a vital role in customer retention and in attracting potential customers. First of all, at the top of your website you should give an overview of the whole page or if it’s a store you should have main navigation to direct customers to the area where the customers want to go.

Additionally, you should use more images to describe what you write. Visual effects always bring customers the most authentic experiences. For the stores, you should use images that are clear and come from a variety of shooting angles. Alternatively, you can use a 3D image of the product or use an unboxing video for the product.

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For blogs, you should use pictures to illustrate what you say, when customers look at the images they will remember longer and understand the general content of the content you want to convey.

Just like regular system updates, you must also update your website and store content regularly to avoid customers mistakenly think your site is outdated and no longer supported.

4 – Connect with social media

Social media is a great tool to nurture your relationships with your customers. People who choose to “like” or “follow” your store’s page are usually people who are interested in your products. They want to hear more about product information, discounts … So you have to use these channels more often to keep your connection with customers while helping to keep old customers with buying.

Social media and Store

5 – Trust for customers

Trust is the shortest way to attract more customers. Make them become more loyal customers of your website. Whether you have many competitors or customers have many choices, but only you need to bring efficiency and safety to customers. You have successfully gained customers’ trust for the next comeback. Ways to build customer trust:

Show current and used customer comments

Show comment

Show commitments, confidentiality or awards and certifications you have received.

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6 – Actively communicate with customers

Take the initiative to send customers promotions. New products or services, or articles related to the content they are interested in. Then this information as an incentive to buy or stimulate them to help them be more active.

By using live chat or auto chat to let customers feel they are always interested and enthusiastic support from you.

Live Chat

7 – UsePop-up on the website

A good popups will keep your visitors engaged and you can quickly deliver the message they really care about. You can use popups to turn visitors into email subscribers by promising to send more engaging resources, and making it feel like they’re getting something exclusive. Additinally, You can also use it to offer new discount codes, new products or services, member-only access, etc. A Pop Up countdown will create a sense of suspense, excitement for customers, and motivate customers to buy or use products.

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Popup will increase the number of hits again. For example, when you have a lot of email subscribers, you can leverage email marketing to increase brand awareness. You also get the chance to reach 67.6% of your visitors that are about to leave, returning them to your brand.

Hopefully, through the above article, you can optimize your website and your store in the best way. Good luck.


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