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Reality shows that businesses that always maintain a close relationship with their customers are successful businesses. Customer’s mentality is to always attach great importance to businesses that always have good after-sales and those businesses always achieve high priority in the hearts of customers.

Besides, the fact also shows that businesses who always value goods will easily lose the number of loyal customers and potential customers if their competitors just need to lower the cost of their products. both customers will run away towards the rival company. In the US, up to 73% of businesses value goods bankrupt or insolvency.


For a business, customers are the most important factor to maintain and grow that business. The following article we will give you some important information when the customer gives you.

1 – Improve products and service quality

The number of searches for your product, the quality and positioning of your company’s products or services are the main factors used to compete in the market. Therefore, think seriously about what you are selling, the quality of the service you are offering, what products the cooperator is selling it for, and what the competition is selling. Customers play a central role in improving company operations. They can reflect back to the company by email, phone, survey, social network … In other words, the customer is the one who provides all information about the market as well as their want of the company’s services, of the company’s products.

You should regularly contact customers to inquire about service quality and product quality. You can also create surveys to survey the market, probe customers for new product lines or slow-selling product lines so that the next product can be optimized.

2 – People who advertise effective products for free

The sales department is the part that often brings direct revenue to the business. This department has many difficulties when dealing with new or potential but difficult customers. Even with loud advertising, creating huge promotion, it is difficult to shake them. Why don’t you take advantage of the free, effective advertisers you already have?

That is the customer. This force will solve the problem in the simplest and most effective way. They just need a familiar saying “I used, you use it, it’s great” is very simple, so the business has a new customer at no cost to us. It is important that we always provide quality products and services and ultimately bring more value and satisfaction to our customers.

3 – Company development

Market research, customer research from the information that customers provide contribute a large part to the success of the company. During the research process, the information analysis with the business card will recognize new directions in potential environments that no one or few businesses have exploited to develop.

Thus, customers are the ones who orient the company so that the company can grow and expand in the present and future.

4 – Set plan for future

Relying on information from business customers can create plans for the future. Set goals that need to be achieved based on the company’s current fundamentals such as sales and cash flow to set sensible goals. In addition, market risk factors need to be analyzed based on data from the market and feedback from customers in product surveys or service feedback.

5 – New profits

Customers help companies generate the profits, the economic fuel they need to run a thriving business. By purchasing the company’s products and services, the customer will pay the company a fee to obtain that product or service. As a business owner, you can feel the movement of the economy in the market by looking at the overall price trend and adjusting the company’s prices accordingly. Price considerations sometimes help your company compete.

Hopefully, through this article, we will cherish our customers and create new quality values for customers who have good feedback about the business and develop the business quickly and sustainably.

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