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4 Powerful and Useful Tools to help Up-sell

What is the define of Up-sell?

Up-sell roughly translates as selling more. Upsells can be interpreted as sellers introducing more expensive and premium products or services to sellers and causing them to spend more than originally expected. Upsell is seen as a selling tactic and it is often applied because it can help businesses sell at higher profits without causing discomfort for customers. An analysis also showed that in many cases of successful application of Upsell, businesses can get 32.6% higher profits than usual.

1 – Total Sold Flash – Create Trust for customers

This function will show to your customers the number of items that you have sold / a period of time. Through the data that this dataset provides, can customers judge whether this item has many buyers or not? Is this item Hot or not? In addition, if the number of products you sell is large in a time frame will give customers confidence that your store is a reputable and quality selling place. I bet they will buy the product as soon as they read this information.

Why do you have to Up-sell?

Up-sell is a job that takes less time but brings extremely high revenue. You won’t need to find new customers, you will only need to maximize sales per customer who used your product. This is simply because you only need to recommend products that benefit customers directly based on a built-in relationship.
You can sell better by recommending better products to customers by giving the advantages of the merchandise you’re recommending. You should also compare it with old items or other items your customers are using.
You can also increase sales by selling products related to products that customers have purchased, excluding unrelated products to increase sales. Up-sell is only effective when you introduce products related to the goods that customers need, thereby delivering conversions.

2 – Left in Stock – Encourage customers Buy now

With this function, the tool will show how long you will sell the item with limited quantity. Usually, the quantity of the product is small and the time to sell is very little. This makes the customer think that if they don’t buy the item it will disappear and out of stock. As such, they will have to click the Buy Now button right now.

3 – Live View – Buy together, Build trust


Live view lets customers know how many people are visiting this item together. This tool generates customers who see your store has a lot of customer visits and product references. That way, new customers will have confidence in your store because the more customers, the better the quality of the store. Actually, this is the useful fuction you need to add to your Store.

Supply value of products through up-sell

No matter what sales you make, its mission is to provide value to your customers. Customers are looking to buy your product or service because it provides the value needed for their needs. If you sell a lot of products, of course your revenue is higher, but if your product does not meet the needs of customers, will they still come back? The most important thing when upsell is still bringing consistent value, bringing comfort to customers. Ask customers what their needs are and advise them to use the right products for those needs, show that your business understands what customers need and wants, and helps them take advantage. benefit from our products and services.

4 – Stock countdown feature

For this function we have introduced to you in the previous article. This is an extremely powerful feature that can help you make a sale quickly.

Click here Stock Countdown Timer

How to config Up-sell Features?

We have provided all of you with detailed step-by-step instructions in the documents of themes from The4. Please click on the link below.

Config Up-sell Features

Gecko5 doc

Kalles doc

Through the above article we have provided you with what Up-sell is? Some up-sell features and Up-sell related information. We also send you a way on how to configure these features to suit your welding. Hope you will apply these features to your business to maximize your revenue.


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