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360° Product Viewer – Powerful Feature on Shopify

A 360 Product viewer is any digital view of a product which shows it from all sides and angles. It can be an interactive image, a GIF, or even a video. This can be done through a software application that runs on your computer’s browser and engages customers with an interactive experience.

Potential buyers want their custom purchase to be as effortless as possible. A 360 product viewer makes that happen. You can create a personalized customer experience and increase conversions by showing unlimited configurations using 360 rotating imagery. All of this leads to an experience online shoppers prefer, making them more likely to make a purchase.

With Kalles Theme also be added 360 product viewer feature.

You can watch this GIF image to know the config way.

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Why you should use 360 Product Viewer for your store?

  1. Improve Customer’s exerience

Customers will feel more free and in control over the products they will buy. They will be able to control the product by using the mouse to drag the products or view a What image or view a detailed product video.

Kalles Theme

2. Fewer product return

When your customers are viewing your product in a very detailed and realistic way, they will more trust the product they will buy. Product returns tend to be costly and cause headache for both the customer and vendor. A 360 product viewer gives the customer more confidence in the product their purchasing.

3. Higher conversion rate

A recent study conducted by the Retailer Magazine revealed that when a 360 product viewer was implemented in the eCommerce websites, it increased conversion rates by nearly 13%. Imagine your revenue potential after a 13% increase in your online revenues.

4. Reduced Time on Market

With the 360 product viewer, you can also reach the market faster. Most viewers start with the 3D model rather than the actual photography. This means that you can actually showcase a product before the system. We all know that time is money, and the 360 product viewer will allow you to move from product concept to market presentation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There are some Themes also be provided 360 Product Viewer:

Gecko Theme
Elessi Theme
product viewer
Molla Theme

This Blogpost above explain to you about the 360 product viewer feature and why you should use it. Hope you will have nice experience.


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